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  • About ICHEIC
    Before manor house [Sárga Kastély] in Dunaszerdahely
  • Newsroom
    Listening to news broadcast [about 1930] before an electric store in Dunaszerdahely. Very few radios were in town.
  • Claims Processing
    Fish market square [Hal piac] - Berger tobacco hut in Dunaszerdahely
  • Humanitarian Fund
    Main Street. First building is the synagogue in Dunaszerdahely.
  • Document Center
    Vámbéry Street in Dunaszerdahely
  • Related Organization
    Jewish school class in Dunaszerdahely
  • Search A Name
    Left Photo: Rosenberg Marta & Weisz Erno in Prague
    Right Photo: Vera Richter & Weisz Erno in Prague 1946


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