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July 2007

Dear Visitor,

The International Commission on Holocaust Era Insurance Claims (ICHEIC) has completed its mission to identify, settle, and pay individual Holocaust era insurance claims at no cost to claimants.

ICHEIC, working together with 75 European insurance companies and partner entities throughout Europe, has resolved more than 90,000 claims. Through the Commission's work, a total of $306 million was awarded to more than 48,000 Holocaust survivors, their heirs, and the families of those who did not survive. More than half of this amount was awarded on policies located as a result of ICHEIC's archival research (which matched individual Holocaust survivors and their heirs with policy information) or through the Commission's humanitarian claims processes. ICHEIC also committed more than $169 million in additional funding for humanitarian programs, such as social welfare benefits for Holocaust survivors worldwide.

This website provides access to ICHEIC's agreements with insurance companies and restitution organizations in Europe, and to ICHEIC's valuation guidelines, claims processing guide, audits of member companies, and audited financial statements. Although ICHEIC has now closed its doors, this website will be maintained by the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.

I also encourage you to read ICHEIC's legacy document, available on this website as well. Published in June 2007, this report describes in comprehensive terms how the Commission was created and carried out its mandate.

I recognize that no Commission can redress the wrongs that were done by the Holocaust. Nevertheless, I believe that ICHEIC has achieved its goal of bringing a small measure of justice to thousands of survivors and their families, and to the families of those who did not survive.

wrence S. Eagleburger

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