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ICHEIC claims and appeals processes closed in December 2006. The information on this website regarding the processing of claims provides historical background on the ICHEIC process and has been maintained here as an historical record.


The ICHEIC claims process provides ICHEIC claimants the opportunity to appeal a company's decision in certain instances. Claimants will have a right of appeal if they 1) named Allianz, AXA, Zurich or Winterthur, or 2) any of their subsidiaries, or 3) were unable to name one of those companies but ICHEIC found a matching record which indicates the company may have issued a policy, or 4) named another German insurance company or if the German insurance company found a matching record which indicates it may have issued a policy.

There are two independent and impartial appeals bodies that adjudicate appeals:

  • The Appeals Tribunal, which will consider appeals on decisions from all member companies and German MOU company decisions dated before October 16, 2002 (see Appeals Panel below). ICHEIC established the ICHEIC Appeals Tribunal to provide claimants an avenue through which they can appeal decisions on named company claims or matched unnamed company claims, at no cost to them. The Tribunal determines appeals in accordance with established Rules of Procedure and is comprised of a President, a Vice President and independent Arbitrators.
  • The Appeals Panel, established under ICHEIC's Agreement with the German Foundation and German Insurance Association, which will consider appeals on decisions from German insurance companies, including member companies, dated on or after October 16, 2002. The Appeals Panel consists of three members, one of whom is appointed as Chairman. The Appeals Panel determines appeals presented to it in accordance with the Appeals Guidelines, which are Annex E to the German Foundation Agreement.

Both the Appeals Tribunal and the Appeals Panel independently and impartially determine appeals on ICHEIC claims. This is intended as a guarantee that decisions made by the Tribunal and Panel are impartial and in accordance with the rules and guidelines set out for each.

The Sjoa Foundation and Buysse Commissions have separate review processes.

Claimants will be provided with the necessary forms to submit an appeal upon receipt of a final decision letter from an insurance company. After submitting all appeals forms, appellants will receive an acknowledgement letter. Any relevant additional material related to the claim that had not previously been submitted to ICHEIC will be forwarded to the insurance company for consideration. Appeals on ICHEIC claims are determined by an independent and impartial arbitrator who will take into account all the evidence submitted.

There are no costs associated with the appeals process. However, appellants are welcome, at their own expense, to any representation they desire. Appeals are typically on a "documents only" basis but if a request is made for an oral hearing then each party will be responsible for their own costs relating to their participation in the hearing.

The appeals process should take approximately 6 months from receipt of appeals forms until resolution. This time period may lengthen in complex cases.

Decisions or awards made by an Arbitrator are final.

Reports on the appeals process will be published on a bi-weekly basis, available in the Documents Section.

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