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The ICHEIC Matching Process
ICHEIC Claims Processing Guide [1.3Mb]
ICHEIC Valuation Guidelines [15Kb]
Relaxed Standards of Proof [97Kb]
Annex D-Valuation Guidelines for claims on German companies [34Kb]
Annex B-Relaxed Standards of Proof for claims on German companies [21Kb]
How We Handle Your Claim (for claimants) [32Kb]
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ICHEIC claims and appeals processes closed in December 2006. The information on this website regarding the processing of claims provides historical background on the ICHEIC process and has been maintained here as an historical record.

ICHEIC is responsible for sending claims to the appropriate processing companies/entities. ICHEIC does not evaluate such policies. This task rests with the companies, which should be applying ICHEIC valuation guidelines. ICHEIC is, however, committed to ensuring that (1) claims that name a company are sent to the named company and are reviewed there; (2) claims that do not name a company are checked by those companies associated with the Commission which did business in the country where the claimant lived; and (3) all decisions on ICHEIC claims are made in accordance with all ICHEIC guidelines.

ICHEIC has recently established a verification process by which offers and denials sent by companies are checked by the ICHEIC Claims Team against ICHEIC Valuation Guidelines [15Kb] (or Annex D [34Kb] of the German Foundation Agreement) to ensure the accuracy of decisions/calculations. Should the ICHEIC review raise a question related to that decision, ICHEIC will follow-up with the company and will work with the company to address the question while at the same time informing the claimant or his/her representative.

For additional information on ICHEIC's verification process, please reference the ICHEIC verification process explanation [9Kb].

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