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ICHEIC claims and appeals processes closed in December 2006. The information on this website regarding the processing of claims provides historical background on the ICHEIC process and has been maintained here as an historical record.

ICHEIC has established a process to match the information obtained through its research efforts against the ICHEIC claimant database. This process links ICHEIC claims with additional supporting documentation before they are submitted to the ICHEIC Member companies and/or organizations with which ICHEIC has cooperative agreements. In a similar process, ICHEIC claims are also matched against company policyholder databases. This matching system creates further opportunities for claimants to have their claims investigated. It may result in the identification of a specific policy if the claimant knows only the name of the issuing insurance company, or in the location of policies about which the claimant previously had been unaware.

ICHEIC has enlisted experts to help with matching names where the names on the claims are not an exact match but there exists a high probability that they are for the same person. Many East European and Hebrew names change across records as details are transcribed, translated or transliterated from Hebrew or Cyrillic alphabets to the Latin. Similarly, dates of birth may differ between the Hebrew, Gregorian and Julian calendars or be remembered inaccurately by heirs sixty years after the event. The matching process devised by ICHEIC allows for near matches to be compared, using a "Soundex" system and expanded date comparisons (comparing dates that are close or similar), taking into account supporting details such as place of residence or birth and occupation. The objective is to use all supporting information to validate these matches and send them to companies.

The matches made to date include many instances where the claimant could not name a specific company, or where ICHEIC has found a match between a claimant and a company other than the company which was identified by the claimant. These are policies that would largely remain unknown were it not for the ICHEIC matching process.

The ICHEIC matching process serves as a valuable and reliable tool both for assisting claimants who had detailed information and lacked documentation to support their claim, and also in identifying companies where claimants had no specific previous knowledge of the policy details.

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