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ICHEIC claims and appeals processes closed in December 2006. The information on this website regarding the processing of claims provides historical background on the ICHEIC process and has been maintained here as an historical record.


ICHEIC member companies are audited for their compliance with the ICHEIC's five Standards established in 1999 inter alia to ensure the expeditious processing of all inquiries received (i.e. claims driven process) in a just and cost-effective manner in accordance with the claims handling guidelines issued by the Commission. The Standards cover: (1) identification of relevant companies; (2) identification of relevant archives; (3) identification and securing of relevant records; (4) databasing of relevant records; and (5) investigation of incoming claims. In addition to the Standards, the insurers are required to comply with several Decision Memoranda issued by the ICHEIC Chairman, addressing details such as relaxed standards of proof and methods of valuing claims.

The audit process is carried out in two stages by internationally recognized accounting firms. Stage 1 examines the companies' systems and procedures set up to comply with ICHEIC's five Standards. Stage 2 examines each company's handling of claims using the systems and procedures covered in Stage 1 and largely embodied in Standard 5.

Under the October 16th, 2002, Agreement between the German Foundation "Remembrance, Responsibility and the Future", the German Insurance Association and ICHEIC, ICHEIC became the custodian of funds provided by the Foundation to meet insurance and humanitarian claims. Under this Agreement, new compliance standards were established for German insurance companies. These standards superseded certain of the original ICHEIC standards and Chairman's Decisions. There were many similarities between the approaches, however, and German ICHEIC member companies remain subject to the original five ICHEIC Standards.

The Foundation Agreement also established a broad framework for the Stage 2 audit of all ICHEIC member companies, for the engagement of audit firms.

Audits of German companies that are ICHEIC members will be carried out by ICHEIC's auditors, while non-members will be audited on a selective basis by the German regulators with observers provided by ICHEIC.

Please download the latest version of the ICHEIC Quarterly Report to access which companies have completed their audits.

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